Monday, December 23, 2013

More Adventures With Cutesy

 Cutesy left a balloon present.

Cutesy must have gotten his hands on my camera because he even took pictures to show how he made it. He put lollipops into a few of the round balloons, tied eight round balloons together, wrapped two long balloons around it, then added five long balloons on top for a bow.
Boogs LOVED it! He was surprised by the sound it made when he shook it and discovered the lollipops. He decided not to pop it for the lollipops.

Cutesy left this note in the kitchen. It said, "Use these adjectives to find me: dark, small, cluttered, messy."
 Boogs said, "Oh, I know right were to look." Then he ran to the closet in his room.
Boogs was correct, Cutesy was hiding in the closet. Boogs let Cutesy know that cluttered and messy are synonyms. I told Boogs that Cutesy must really think his closet is a mess.

Cutesy had a couple of marshmallow snowmen, a mug, hot chocolate mix, and some crazy drinking straw glasses this morning.
 Boogs loved the straw glasses and could not wait to try them out.
 While drinking the hot chocolate, Boogs said the straw glasses made his face feel really warm.

I can't believe we only have two more days of Cutesy. This holiday season is going by so quickly!

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