Sunday, December 1, 2013

Geocaching Fail

Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt. Millions of containers are hidden all over the world. You use coordinates or a GPS Geocaching app to locate hidden containers. The containers usually have a log book to record your visit and a small "treasure". It is an honor system where you take a treasure and leave a treasure. The treasure can be anything. Boogs is very happy when we find a container with small toys or coins. It is fun for the entire family. Sometimes Geocaching works out and sometimes it fails. We still had fun searching for the hidden containers on this day and we were able to play at a great park together.

According to our Geocaching app, we were in exactly the right place to look for the hidden container. The clue was "under a pile of rocks".  We searched for quite a while but never found it. I was just glad we didn't find any snakes.

The other Geocache was supposed to be at a nearby park. With the app my husband uses, you can check to see the last time someone commented that they found the container. Sadly, the last people that checked on the container at the park said they did not find it either. Sometimes the containers get taken or moved. But that is all part of the fun of treasure hunting. It would be pretty boring if you easily found it.

This park has an obstacle course type playscape. Boogs had fun challenging my husband and I to races. It was fun but the obstacles were so much harder to get through than I remember it being as a kid. Whew, I am sooooo out of shape.
Nets and bars to cross

Wobbly balance beam

Wiggling hanging steps

This was the hardest part to get through.

I was glad that Daddy found it as difficult as I did. Boogs just breezed through without a problem.
He was pretty satisfied with his reining champion status.
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  1. I keep hearing about this geocaching but still dont quite get how you do it! it does seem a cool idea though, when it works!

    1. It is a fun family outing even when it fails. Go to to find out more.

  2. I have to admit I have never done geocaching although there is a really great place to go near me - in the Brecon beacons in Wales to do it and it's on our list of things to do next year in the summer. Love the pics and inspiring post :)
    Just popping over from country kids

    Laura x

    1. Thanks, Laura. You will have to do it and then post pics. We really enjoy it as a family outing.