Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Decorations

Sorry GP and GM, I forgot to post the Halloween decorations.
Front door

Scarecrow from Sweet Berry Farm

Closer view of porch


Boogs' door

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lunches October 24th - 28th

More Halloween storybook lunches this week. My favorite is The Widow's Broom.
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever & Five Little Pumpkins
Almond butter & jelly jack-o-lantern sandwich, jack-o-lantern
orange fruit cup, face salad, and Babybel cheese. We have read these
stories every year since Boogs' first Halloween.

Ghost's Hour, Spook's Hour
Ghost almond butter & jelly sandwich, ghostly boo-berries, cheesestick ghosts,
boiled egg ghost, marshmallow Peep ghost, and celery with cream cheese ghosts.
This is one of my favorite books for Halloween. It has such wonderful vocabulary
and imagery.

The Fierce Yellow Pumpkin
Spaghetti Pie scarecrow, orange "pumpkin", veggies, and cheesestick.
This lunch did not turn out well.

Spider grilled cheese sandwich, Halloween chips,
grapes, and veggies.

The Widow's Broom
Turkey & cheese sandWITCH, cheesestick broom, pumpkin
marshmallow Peep, grapes, carrots, and Halloween chips.
Chris Van Allsburg is one of my favorite children's authors.
His illustrations are gorgeous and his stories make the kiddos
think and wonder what really happened without outright telling them.

There are great book/activity tie-ins at this website for fun activities to do with your children.

There are also great links about fun with kiddos here:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Photographer's Pictures of the House

Jon Mercado took photographs of our house for our decorator's (Heather Brown of website. Heather started working with us on the house shortly after we signed to have it built. She went with me to pick out stone, brick, tile, light fixtures, stain color, faucets, and everything else that went into decorating the house. We were lucky to have found such a wonderful decorator to work with and so impressed with the results. The pictures turned out really well. We love our new house!


Dining room

Dining room

Front entrance

My office/craft room

My office/craft room

Part of Boogs' playroom

Guest bedroom

Boogs' room

Boogs' playroom

Living room

Living room

Living room


Breakfast area



Master bedroom

Game room

Doors in theater room

Game room

Game room

Theater room

Theater room

Outdoor living area

Stained porch

Our view of the greenbelt

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Photo Session

Our decorator, Heather Brown of True Interiors, had the house photographed so that she could use the pictures on her website. She gave us the gift of including a family photo session with the house photographer.

Love this picture!

King of the World 

Up, up and away!

Rolling down the driveway.

Love that smile.

Our decorator pulling weeds with my
husband before pictures of the front
of the house were taken.

This is a good one

Yes, we know we are goofy.

I got him back.


I am rarely in any photographs. Seeing these pictures makes me realize how old I look. Boogs and my husband are both so photogenic. I love my little family!