Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It rained (longer than 10 minutes) for the first time in months. Boogs and I had to get out and explore the new neighborhood in the rain. We spent almost an hour having multiple leaf races down our street. Then we went walking in the rain. Boogs wanted to try out the little playscape in the rain. After that we went on a nearby trail and looked at Salamander Cave. Our boots were muddy all the way up to our ankles. We rinsed them off in puddles before heading home. We spent almost two hours outside in the rain. When we got back to the house, Boogs asked for "a nice hot bath so I can warm up to my bones".
The neighbors were
still sleeping. 
Leaf races.

Boogs named this the "Egytian Mummy"
Tasting the rain

Sweet smile
He got soaked on the slide.

HUGE puddles on the trail.
I think it is time for a new raincoat.

Mud is so much fun!

Heading home

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