Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Library Storytime

We have been going to the library storytime almost every week since Boogs was 9 weeks old. Boogs loves listening to Ms. Jane read stories, put on puppet shows, and sing songs. Last week, Ms. Jane had a mask making craft. Boogs wore his mask for most of the day. He is such a little cutie! We love the library. I am going to miss our weekly visits when school starts.

Monday, May 30, 2011

New House Update

We finally have a closing date, June 28th. These last couple of weeks have been moving by so slowing. We expected to be in the new house by the time school was out for summer. Because of the delay, I can't have my preschool summer camps this year. Boogs is already missing having the extra kiddos around since school has been out. It is also hard to have most of your stuff in storage. The only plus side of being in an apartment (other than having a sold house) is the pool. Boogs has been spending a lot of time at the pool. I think he is turing into a fish. Yesterday, he spent five hours at the pool with his daddy.

We have gone round and round with our builders about a few things, like the indoor fireplace and the outdoor grill countertop. The builder has finally completed both of those areas to our liking. The house looks great. When my husband and I walk into it, we can feel how well it fits for us. It feels like home. Here are a few more pics.

Preschool Picnic

Boogs' end of the school year picnic was held on May 20th. He had a great time. Here are a few pics:
Digging for "treasure".


Lots of fun in the "car wash".

Pizza and snowcones.

Preschool Graduation

Boogs officially finished preschool on May 20th. I just cannot believe how quickly his childhood is flying by. He will be in kindergarten is a few short months. Boogs' preschool had the Penguin graduation ceremony on May 17th. The children sang a few songs and then received a "diploma" and Bible from their teachers. It was sweet.
Looking proud.

With Ms. Diana and Ms. Sandy.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family Hike

A few weeks ago, we took Boogs back to Balcones Canyonland Wildlife Preserve and he really surprised us with the high intensity energy he put into the hike. We ended up hiking for several miles. On part of the trail, Boogs took off running and I had trouble keeping up with him. Unfortunately, he took a pretty good tumble, fell off of the trail, scraped both knees and one elbow. One of his knees was bleeding a bit. The other leg and elbow were scraped raw. My husband praised him for getting such good looking "man wounds". That helped stop his crying. Boogs let me know if I get hurt, it is "just a Momma wound" and "Momma wounds are not cool like man wounds". What is my husband teaching him? I love my little family.
Finding the information markers was Boogs' job.

Daddy read the info about each marker.

Tough boy!

Orioles T-Ball

Getting ready for catching.

Boogs was pulled back so he would not get hurt.

Orioles banquet.

1st trophy
Boogs finished his t-ball season a couple of weeks ago. Overall, it went well. He finally started to “get” baseball by the last couple of games. On March 15th, we had a t-ball banquet. The kids were able to run around and play at a restaurant with an outdoor playscape. Boogs was very proud of his baseball trophy. Later, he told me that he wants to sign up for a lot of things so he can earn “a whole wall full of trophies and ribbons”.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Swim Team

We are completing Boogs' first week of swim team this evening. I am happily surprised that he is really enjoying it. Swim team is every Mon.-Fri., 6:00 - 6:30. He is so excited to be able to swim every day. Here are a few pics from the pool.
He loves the swim cap.
Trying to duck under before I snapped a pic.

25 yards is a long way.
Using those kickers.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pink Eye

We had a busy Tuesday planned... library, swim lesson, playdate, and swim team practice. We did not get to do any of that today. Instead, we went to the doctors office fairly early this morning then had to spend the rest of the day at home. Boogs has pink eye. They gave me some antibiotic eye drops. Those are soooo much fun to administer. The doctor said he can go to school tomorrow if his eye is no longer goopy. We will have to wait and see. By the time school starts, it will be about 24 hours since he had the first dose of eye drops. So technically that clears him from being infectious to others. His poor little eye looks so painful. He has been so good today. We played, read books, and watched television. Hopefully, we will get out of the apartment tomorrow.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day with My Guys

Boogs gave me flowers for Mother's Day. My husband said Boogs insisted on the really colorful ones. We went to brunch at Z'Tejas and had a nice time.

Happy Mother's Day

This little guy changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I am so proud to be his mother. I love you Boogs!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bedtime Discussion

Boogs - B, Momma - M
B: How many kisses and hugs do you want?
M: At least one of each every day.
B: Every, every day?
M: Yes.
B: Even when I am a teenager?
M: Yes.
B: Even when I am all grown-up?
M: Yes.
B: Okay, but remember that I am never going to leave you? When I am grown-up I will stay with you and never get married. (He says this all the time.)
M: That sounds nice, honey. But if you change your mind later, that is okay, too.
B: Well, I won't get married. Do you think the girl will like to do science experiments with me or do you think she will be like, "Ewww, I am afraid of lava." Cause girls don't like to do messy science.
M: Well, I am a girl and I like to do all kinds of science experiments.
B: Yeah, but you are a momma. Mommas just like stuff like that. Would a REAL girl like messy science?
M: I am sure there are many girls who like science. Just make sure you find a girl that is not afraid of lava.
B: Okay, goodnight.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarten has been on my mind quite a bit lately. We only have three more weeks until preschool is out for the summer. I have been trying to incorporate a little bit more “academic” work into our playtime. I bought a “Transition to School Backpack” for Boogs. It has an activity calendar with one thing to do each day for three months to get ready for kindergarten. Most of it is stuff we are already doing: writing letters, writing numbers, counting, patterns, simple addition, discussing story elements,…etc.  Boogs is excited to have an “awesome backpack” to keep his stuff in and is very interested in playing with the things in his backpack.  We have also been revisiting some old activities that Boogs has not seen since last summer. The upper/lower case match-up came from www.childcareland.com  It is amazing how much easier it is for him now. ( I can't get the pictures to line-up like I want them to.)
Uppercase/lowercase match-up.

The "awesome" backpack.
What a big helper and great scissor practice.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Champion Park

Boogs has always loved going to Champion (Dinosaur) Park. We spent most of a day there climbing, digging, and playing. We dug a huge hole and made tunnels for our cars to drive through. Eventually all of the tunnels collapsed. So Boogs decided that the hole was his stage for dancing. He spent at least 20 minutes doing leaps and spins in and around the hole. He has such an imagination and is fun to hang out with. I am going to miss my little buddy when he goes off to kindergarten in August.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New house update

The big, noticeable advancements on the new house have just about come to an end. Now we are into the trim and finish-work stage. This stage is very frustrating! The builder is putting in the pieces that will show and they are not doing as high quality of work as they were for the structural part of our construction. It seems like we are having to point out incorrect things about everything they are doing right now...tile laid the wrong way, chipped hearth, huge cracks in outside hearth, incredibly crooked accent tile, wrong colored fixtures, leaving off promised crown molding, missing medicine cabinet, crooked towel rings, off-centered lights fixture that they have had to cut several extra holes in the sheetrock to fix, dent in the water heater, etc. I know they are probably not too happy with how often we visit the property. My husband keeps a running list and only gives it to them once a week during their weekly progress calls. I am ready for it to be finished. We are still more than 45 days from completion. It is difficult not having any idea of a move in date. Okay, enough complaining! Here are a few new pics.
Tile on island is now correct.
I love the pendant lights.

Accent tile is crooked.
Hmmm...how do you close the door?

Boogs in his playroom.
Closed pocket door. Love it!

The Case of the Missing Scooter

Boogs loves mysteries. We have read many mystery stories together. Some of his favorite mysteries are The Boxcar Children books. Recently, I introduced him to the Hardy Boys. He gets so excited trying to figure out the clues to solve the mysteries. This has transferred over from books to real life for Boogs.  Last week, Boogs found an empty earring box under a clothing rack at Kohl's. He crawled out from under the rack yelling, "Momma, we have to alert store security. There has been a crime and I am holding one of the clues!" Boogs turned the empty box in to a cashier and then said he would continue to look for clues to solve the mystery of the missing jewels. Since then, he has asked me several times if store security has "made any progress" on the crime. To play off of his excitement for solving mysteries and to encourage his reading, I planned a mystery for him to solve. I hid his scooter and then placed notes that he had to “decode” to find the location of the next clue. The notes eventually led him to the missing scooter. He immediately asked when I was going to have another mystery for him to solve.
Found a clue on the balcony.
Decoding the clues.

The case is solved.