Monday, May 30, 2011

New House Update

We finally have a closing date, June 28th. These last couple of weeks have been moving by so slowing. We expected to be in the new house by the time school was out for summer. Because of the delay, I can't have my preschool summer camps this year. Boogs is already missing having the extra kiddos around since school has been out. It is also hard to have most of your stuff in storage. The only plus side of being in an apartment (other than having a sold house) is the pool. Boogs has been spending a lot of time at the pool. I think he is turing into a fish. Yesterday, he spent five hours at the pool with his daddy.

We have gone round and round with our builders about a few things, like the indoor fireplace and the outdoor grill countertop. The builder has finally completed both of those areas to our liking. The house looks great. When my husband and I walk into it, we can feel how well it fits for us. It feels like home. Here are a few more pics.