Sunday, May 1, 2011

New house update

The big, noticeable advancements on the new house have just about come to an end. Now we are into the trim and finish-work stage. This stage is very frustrating! The builder is putting in the pieces that will show and they are not doing as high quality of work as they were for the structural part of our construction. It seems like we are having to point out incorrect things about everything they are doing right now...tile laid the wrong way, chipped hearth, huge cracks in outside hearth, incredibly crooked accent tile, wrong colored fixtures, leaving off promised crown molding, missing medicine cabinet, crooked towel rings, off-centered lights fixture that they have had to cut several extra holes in the sheetrock to fix, dent in the water heater, etc. I know they are probably not too happy with how often we visit the property. My husband keeps a running list and only gives it to them once a week during their weekly progress calls. I am ready for it to be finished. We are still more than 45 days from completion. It is difficult not having any idea of a move in date. Okay, enough complaining! Here are a few new pics.
Tile on island is now correct.
I love the pendant lights.

Accent tile is crooked. do you close the door?

Boogs in his playroom.
Closed pocket door. Love it!


  1. What a gorgeous house! I'm sorry about all the annoying finish-out stuff but glad you're staying on top of it.

  2. Thanks, Beth. We are hoping it turns out okay.