Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cutesy the Elf 2017 Week 3, Days 15 - 17

We are having a great time waking up to see Cutesy's mischief and surprises each morning. We are counting on from last week's day 14.

Day 15: Oh so gross! Cutesy showed up with a jar of Elf Snot today. Cutesy might have gotten his Elf Snot inspiration HERE.
Here is a better look at the jar:
 There were even a couple of pictures of sneezing elves on jar.
 When Boogs opened the jar, it looked like there was a moose trapped inside.
Boogs pulled it out.
 It was covered in elf snot (aka green slime).
Boogs thought it was pretty gross. I told him the Chris-moose was probably glad he was saved. Boogs asked me why I laughed when I said it's name. I responded, "Christmas, Chris-moose, get it?" Boogs replied, "That's not very funny. It's just punny."

Day 16: Cutesy showed up with a solution to his runny nose. He brought a box of tissues in an Easter Island Statue tissue holder. Boogs really liked the holder and immediately put it in his room.
Day 17: Cutesy brought a fun word puzzle sheet. Boogs, Daddy, and I tried to figure it out during breakfast. We got almost all of them correct. Luckily, Cutesy had the answer sheet in his back pocket so we could check our guesses. I think Cutesy printed the sheet HERE.

To see more of Cutesy's adventures, click the label "elf" after this post.

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Cutesy the Elf 2017 Week 2

We had a great time waking up to see Cutesy's mischief and surprises each morning. We are counting on from last week's day 7.

Day 8: Cutesy brought back the Santa shower curtain and Santa toilet cover.
Cutesy made a new snowman decoration out of toilet paper rolls.
Unfortunately, that sneaky Elfy helped decorate, too. Elfy switched out the roll of toilet paper for a roll of duct tape. Yikes! He wrote This could get sticky. Hee hee! on the duct tape roll.
Day 9: Cutesy must have know that Boogs read part of the Secret Series books last year. Cutesy brought him Write This Book.  It guides the reader through the process of writing their own mystery book. Boogs was intrigued by this book and has started working on his own mystery.
Day 10: Cutesy and Elfy were playing with Tangoes, a tangram puzzle game. Elfy made a cat and Cutesy made a swan.
Day 11: Every year, Cutesy does something to Boogs' bedroom door. This year he put up a special string of lights. Boogs had to crawl through the bottom string to get our of his room.
Boogs asked me to help him move the lights so he could easily enter and exit his room. Now, the lights frame the doorway. I'm sure they will remain there until New Year's Day.
Day 12: Cutesy was snuggled into a new hooded bathrobe this morning. The robe fit Boogs perfectly.
Day 13: Uh-oh! In previous years, Cutesy has had to watch out for that evil Purple Minion. On Day 13, we don't think the 13th day was a coincidence, Purple Minion let in a spider who tried to have Cutesy for lunch. Good thing Boogs was able to rescue him before it was too late.
Day 14: Cutesy had a lollipop and a sign that read: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?  Boogs and I watched that old commercial a while back. Cutesy must have been thinking of it.
When we came home from school, an owl had finished the Tootsie Roll Pop and left a message that said "3".
There are only 10 more days of Cutesy before he leaves on Christmas Eve. We can't wait to see what he does next. To see other Cutesy antics click here for my Cutesy the Elf board on Pinterest.

Cutesy the Elf 2017 Week 1

Boogs looks forward to December 1st every year because that is the date our Christmas Elf usually returns. Cutesy the Elf did not disappoint us, he arrived right on time on December 1st. This is Cutesy's 7th Christmas visiting our house. Your can click HERE to see his very first visit.

Day 1: Every year, Cutesy brings back a little tree for Boogs' playroom. He came back this year with a new ornament for the tree.
Day 2: We found Cutesy sitting on top of a tower of holiday books. These are the holiday books we read each year.
Day 3: Cutesy tried to give Boogs a snowman. Unfortunately, it melted before Boogs woke up.
 Day 4: Cutesy brought Boogs a snow globe in 2011. The picture compartment seal has started to deteriorate and water is ruining the picture. You can see the comparison of the two globes in this picture.
Cutesy used Christmas magic to fix the snow globe and save their pictures. Boogs was very happy to see it fixed. He has kept the snow globe on his headboard for years. You can find a variety of picture snow globes on amazon.
Day 5: Silly Cutesy dressed up as a gingerbread man to deliver a gingerbread house for Boogs to decorate.
Boogs liked his costume.
Day 6: Cutesy must have visited JDaniel4's Mom to find this cute set of Reindeer Games With Magnets.
It was fun trying to use the magnetic wand to guide the reindeer through the maze.
Day 7:  Cutesy made a little Lego tree and brought Lego Challenge cards for some building fun. Cutesy printed the cards from The Stem Laboratory's site.

We have so much fun waiting to see what Cutesy will do each day. If you are interested in seeing some of Cutesy's antics from previous years, you can see them on my Cutesy The Elf pinterest board.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

It Is Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I can't believe we are halfway through December. I have no idea where the time has gone. It seems like yesterday we were still waiting for our week long Thanksgiving Break from school. We hosted the family Thanksgiving get together at our house again this year. Sadly, not one of the 15 people present remembered to take any family pictures.
After everyone left, I took a picture of the "thankful tree" I put out each year. I have everyone fill out a leaf with what they are thankful for. I keep all of the leaves and put them out each year. My favorite leaf this year was written by one of my nephews, it said, "I am thankful for not writing about previous girlfriends." He has brought a couple of different girlfriends to our family gatherings in the past few years.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we went to Dive World to have a family picture taken with Santa. We took the pictures underwater in the deep end of the pool. It was so much fun. It really made all three of us want to take a quick trip to the ocean for a few dives.
 This is the one we used for on our Christmas cards.
 I love this one! None of us knew where to look.
 My reindeer antler hat kept floating off my head.
It was surprisingly hard to time our slow inhales so we could get pictures without bubbles over our faces. The number one rule in scuba diving is "don't hold your breath".

 We were in the pool for about 30 minutes. The Dive World crew is awesome!
We put up our Christmas decorations. Boogs is not quite tall enough to reach the top of the tree.
Daddy gave him a boost to place the topper. I bet he will be able to put it up there by himself next year.
Daddy made me very nervous being up so high on the tall ladder to hang the Christmas lights.
The lights look really pretty at night.
I have gotten started on my Christmas crafting.
We have three more school days until Christmas Break. Boogs and I are ready for the holiday free time.

Amusement Park Fun

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Six Flags for a day of fun. Boogs invited a friend to join us.
It was kind of a dreary day. The sun stayed behind the clouds and at times, it was a tiny bit rainy.
Boogs and his friend posed in front of one of the scarier roller coaster rides. They did not go on the ride but did want to send J's mom a picture to make her think they did. Poltergeist is her favorite roller coaster at the park.
Every time we go to Six Flags, we head to this ride first. It spins very fast and really makes you dizzy.
The boys kept choosing spinning rides to go on. Because of the dreary weather, the park was pretty empty. We were able to get off of the rides and immediately get back on without any wait time.
The Pandemonium Roller Coaster is one of our favoites but it is a bit intense. We rode it several times.
 Ghastly Manor is a Scooby Doo themed ride. You shoot lasers at ghosts and bad guys while moving through several rooms. It is fun to try and beat each other's scores. Daddy always wins.
 This is the little swing ride.
I went on the big swing ride. The boys opted out of it. This is the view from the highest point the big swing ride gets.
 We had a fun time.
It was really nice for Boogs to have a friend to wait with so that Daddy and I could go on some of the bigger roller coasters.
 We stood in the longest line at the bumper cars.

It is nice to have a great amusement park within two hours of our house. We usually go to Six Flags a couple of times a year and we always have a good time.