Thursday, December 14, 2017

Amusement Park Fun

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Six Flags for a day of fun. Boogs invited a friend to join us.
It was kind of a dreary day. The sun stayed behind the clouds and at times, it was a tiny bit rainy.
Boogs and his friend posed in front of one of the scarier roller coaster rides. They did not go on the ride but did want to send J's mom a picture to make her think they did. Poltergeist is her favorite roller coaster at the park.
Every time we go to Six Flags, we head to this ride first. It spins very fast and really makes you dizzy.
The boys kept choosing spinning rides to go on. Because of the dreary weather, the park was pretty empty. We were able to get off of the rides and immediately get back on without any wait time.
The Pandemonium Roller Coaster is one of our favoites but it is a bit intense. We rode it several times.
 Ghastly Manor is a Scooby Doo themed ride. You shoot lasers at ghosts and bad guys while moving through several rooms. It is fun to try and beat each other's scores. Daddy always wins.
 This is the little swing ride.
I went on the big swing ride. The boys opted out of it. This is the view from the highest point the big swing ride gets.
 We had a fun time.
It was really nice for Boogs to have a friend to wait with so that Daddy and I could go on some of the bigger roller coasters.
 We stood in the longest line at the bumper cars.

It is nice to have a great amusement park within two hours of our house. We usually go to Six Flags a couple of times a year and we always have a good time.

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