Monday, May 9, 2016

SCUBA Diving Certification

Did you know that you can be certified as a SCUBA diver at 10 years of age? We found that out last summer and Boogs could hardly wait until he turned 10 to get his Jr. Open Water SCUBA certification.

I decided to get my certification with Boogs. We studied the course material for over a week before we attended two half days of classroom and two half days of pool class. Boogs did an excellent job paying attention during class. At the end of the two days, there was a 50 question final exam. Boogs took the exam on his own without any help and he scored 94. His score was higher than some of the adults in the classroom. (I scored 96).

We had a good time in the pool practicing our skills. Boogs had a hard time lifting the tank so he had to have help doing his giant stride into the pool.
We found a wet suit that actually fit for Boogs to wear on the open water dives.
The next weekend we were scheduled for our open water training. Unfortunately, Boogs was unable to equalize his ears for the open water dives. He was unable to complete his dives. I had to go ahead and complete my dives without him. We had to wait two weeks before he could be scheduled to try again.

This past weekend we went to Aquarena Springs for Boogs to try his open water dives again. He did two dives on Friday and two dives on Sunday. He passed! There are now three certified SCUBA divers in our family. My husband is certified to dive to 130 feet, I am certified to dive to 60 feet, and Boogs is certified to dive to 40 feet.
 It was a gorgeous day for diving even if there was a bunch of muck at the dock.
 Boogs did his giant stride right into the muck.
 He did a great job following directions and completing his underwater skills.
Daddy held onto his gauge like a leash while Boogs was making sure his BCD was properly buckled.
 Ms. Janice was patient and calm with Boogs.
Even though he got a little cold by the end of his second dive on Sunday, Boogs was a trooper and finished strong.
You can see the ripples on the other side of the center ring. Boogs led the last dive of the day. Ms. Janice told me that Boogs' compass skills were better than mine. Not surprising at all.
 Here he is heading over to the ramp after completing his last dive.
Boogs had to make sure he correctly filled out his log book before Ms. Janice could announce that he was certified.
On the way home from diving, we saw a huge rainbow in the sky.
Way to go Boogs! We can hardly wait for our summer diving adventure in the Florida Keys next month. It should be fun.

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