Monday, January 3, 2022

Last Christmas 2021 Post

I finally got to make my Christmas Tree Appetizer. The base was a 9 inch styrofoam cone from Michael's Craft Store. I wrapped it in Saran Wrap then added Herbs de Provence and garlic powder to cream cheese and spread that over the plastic wrap. The cream cheese and toothpicks held the food in place. There were green, black, and kalamata olives, tri-colored cherry tomatoes, salami, proscuitto, capocollo, cheese stars, and rosemary sprigs. After I took this picture, I added several types of crackers surrounding the base of the tree. It was delicious!

We continued our annual tradition of watching Elf on Christmas Eve. Boogs wore his Elf onesie for the viewing.

Cutesy the Elf went back home to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. He left behind a little friend for Boogs to take care of until he returns next year, a little crocheted hedgehog.

Boogs thought it was pretty cute.

We had a quiet day with just the three of us. We played cards, pool, darts, ate too much junk, and watched another movie. 

On Boxing Day, we had friends come over for a full Christmas dinner. No one could resist trying Cutesy's cup stacking balance challenge. We played a fun card game and had a great time.

My parents came over the next day. My dad spent quite a bit of time with the cup balancing challenge. 

It was a really quiet holiday break. We missed traveling to Canada to see my husband's family. Hopefully, we will get to see them next year.

Cutest Little Crocheted Armadillo

I am part of a beginner crochet group on Facebook. One of the other members posted a picture of the armadillo she made her son for Christmas. It was so cute that I had to get the pattern and make one. The pattern is called Anton The Armadillo by CB Fiberworks. The pattern cost $5 on Etsy. 

I'm from Texas and we see a lot of armadillos around here. I liked the pattern but knew I needed to give my armadillo a pointy type nose and different ears. Here is what he looks like without his shell.

My friend gave me a bunch of yarn this summer and one skein had perfect colors for an armadillo shell.
I am a slow crocheter. It took me about 10 hours over three days to make this little guy. We did not get a chance to travel during the holiday break so it was nice to have a fun project to work on.
The most amazing part of this pattern is the armadillo can roll up into a ball inside its shell. How cute is that!?! Don't you just love it?

School starts back up tomorrow. I don't have a project on my crochet hook right now. (Well, I still have not made a head for the dog I started in July. But, I'm not counting that.) I used a Joann Store gift card to order 9 skeins of yarn so I can make my first sweater. I am impatiently waiting for that yarn to arrive. Wish me luck on that project. I also ordered a needle felting kit. I have never tried needle felting. I promised a friend I would try to needle felt a honey badger for her. Yikes, another project where I will be out of my ability zone.

What crafting projects are you working on right now?