Friday, September 30, 2011

Thank you cards

Boogs received a couple of presents at our housewarming party. He chose what kind of Thank You cards to make. He wanted to trace his hand to make peacock cards. I love his imagination!
He used many different types of
art supplies.
He loves the Dot markers, but they are
soooooo messy.

The cards turned out great!
Boogs told me the beak is a surprise
 because it only shows if you open up the card to see it.

Lunches Sept. 26th - 30th

We are still using bedtime stories for lunch inspiration. Boogs told me this week that he would like to try and buy a school lunch. I taught 3rd grade for almost 10 years and I remember how bad the food was and how much the kids threw away. So, I made a deal with Boogs. He can buy a lunch when he remembers to bring home his lunch box 5 days in a row. He forgets it just about every day. I even taped a sign on his backpack that says "LUNCH BOX". We will see how long it takes for him to "earn" a school lunch. I asked if he would like for me to stop packing crazy lunches and just send "regular" food in his lunch box. He said that he likes his lunch art and wants me to keep doing it. Only 151 school lunches left this year. (Ignore the alignment of the pictures. Blogger is not working for me today.)

Frog and Toad lunch - frog apple with fruit strip tongue & raisin fly, frog ham & cheese sandwich, carrots, yogurt, Pirates Booty, and a box of flies (raisins).

Hiding in Plain Sight lunch - Boogs suggested the creatures to camouflage in his food. Can you spot the cheese snake in the grilled chicken, the leaf bug in the spinach, the red-eyed tree frog in the spinach tortellini, and the toad in the cinnamon applesauce?

Verdi lunch - pb&j sandwich with snake, carved snake carrots, watermelon, Goldfish, Pirates Booty, yogurt. I love this book!

Me Counting Time lunch - chicken salad alarm clock, kiwi moon & sun with strawberries, salad & dressing.

Jeremy Draws A Monster lunch - homemade monster chicken nuggets, baby corn drawing pencils, monster berries, Chex Mix monster parts, and yogurt.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another new game

Boogs came up with another new game. This game did not have as many rules as "Table Ball", but there were still quite a few rules. My husband and Boogs went swimming at our community pool (even though it is almost October, the temperatures are still above 100 degrees fahrenheit) and then to McDonalds for lunch. Boogs got a disc launcher with his Happy Meal. When they returned home, Boogs grabbed a wooden spoon and decided to play "Hit the Launcher". One person pulled the zip launcher while the other tried to hit the top out of the air. We played this game for almost an hour and a half. It seemed to go on forever. It was fun watching how excited Boogs was when he made contact with the launcher. He thought it was funny when Daddy and I missed our target.
You can barely see the disc at
top of the photo.

Look at that hit!

Ready to go again
 (and again and again...)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Robinson Park

Boogs and I went to Robinson Park again. We have been going to this park since he was tiny. We love to walk on the trail. I went back and searched for photos at the park to compare how big Boogs is now.

January 2009
May 2009

Sept. 2011

Sept. 2011

Sept. 2011

Sept. 2011

Lunches Sept. 19 - 23

Lunches this week were based on bedtime stories. Here are the pictures:
Book "Jack and the Missing Piece"
Puzzle sandwich, plums, veggies, yogurt and Pirate's Booty.

Book "Bear's New Friend"
Owl pb&j sandwiches, carrots, cheese,  sesame sticks, grapes.

Book "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom"
 Bread, ham, & cheese letters, pistachio "coconuts", kiwi letters, strawberries, yogurt.

Book "Ferret Fun"
Ferret sandwich, ferret egg, veggies, apple, raisins.

Book "Skippy Jon Jones"
Cat salami and cheese, Skippy Jon Jones face on yogurt, blueberries, and carrots.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friday Night Dance Party

My husband and Boogs had a dance party on the back porch last Friday. They had such a good time. It was so much fun to watch. I had to join in.
Berries and cream for energy.

Then the dancing moved inside the house.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lunches Sept. 12th - 16th

"Color Days" are finished at Boogs' school. So, this past week I used our bedtime stories as inspiration for the next day's lunch. Boogs really liked it. When I was making his zoo lunch, he told me I needed more than just a cage with animals to make a zoo. He said I had to put the zoo in all the parts of his lunch. I tried. Here are the pics for this week:
Bear pb&j sandwich, bear on Babybel,  blueberries, raisins and veggies.

Pumpkin pb&j, apple cheese, red apple cut-out in green apple,
apple juice, yogurt, and broccoli.

Zoo animals in a cage, blueberry elephant with strawberries, yogurt,  peppers and broccoli.

Boiled egg bunny on a bed of spinach & carrots,  Babybel cheese,  "carrot"
cereal bar, "carrot"  red apple cut-out in green apple, and Pirate's Booty.

Chicken & cheese quesadilla with salsa, guacamole, and berries.
Boogs thought the salsa was too hot.
This one had nothing to do with Boogs' lunches. A friend of mine, challenged me to create a Captain Underpants lunch. It is a book character that Boogs will (hopefully) not want to read about. This is my messy attempt to turn him into food:

More Marshmallow Structures

Yesterday, Boogs and I spent part of the afternoon at the library Explorers Club. This week's theme was pirates for Super Story Time. The kiddos got to color a bookmark for a craft activity. Boogs told me he wanted to make more marshmallow structures because it was more fun than just coloring. So we did.
The stinker would not look at me.

There was a LOT of eating going on.
My marshmallow necklace.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lunches Sept. 6th - 9th

We had a holiday on Monday, so Boogs only had 4 "Color Day" lunches last week. Here they are:
Orange Day - sweet potato fries, Goldfish crackers, dried fruit,
happy face orange, and ham & cheese Os.

Brown Day - pb&j dinosaurs, broccoli trees for dino food, Chex Mix,
yogurt, and cinnamon applesauce.

Black Day - We do not have a lot of black foods. He had blueberries, blackberries, black olives and the rest of his lunch was concealed under a black ops top secret message.

Rainbow Day - fruit kebobs, pb&j swirls, butterfly Babybel cheese,
rainbow marshmallows, fruit snacks, and colorful salad.

After School Activites

Boogs is adjusting well to the rhythm of a school week. During his first week of school, he complained, "I only get to go to school and go home. Why don't we get to do things anymore?" Boogs is used to playdates, outings, library storytime, visiting parks, etc. I did not want to tire him out too much when he was getting used to being at school five days a week for 7 hours a day. We have slowly been adding in a few activities. He has swim lessons on Mondays, Martial Arts on Tuesdays, and Explorers Club at the library on Thursdays. We have been playing at a few parks and just keeping busy.

A bat at home in his cave.

A bat flying in the air.
Spinning on a flower.

Sunrise walk.

Boogs had his first Martial Arts class yesterday. He loved it. The night before that he was worried about it. He said, "I am a little bit nervous about my karate class. I don't really now how to do it and I might get hurt in the fights." He thought the first things he he would be expected to do was spar with a partner.
I did not want to interrupt so I took the picture from outside the door.

Explorers Club is the K-5th grade program at the library. It is wonderful. Each Thursday they have a different theme. The first time we went was on Crafty Kids day and Boogs got to make some sand art. The second time we went was Silly Science day. The topic of the day was architecture and the strength of various shapes in building structures. After a lesson, the kids got to make marshmallow buildings. Boogs loved it!
Creating a sand art masterpiece.

Marshmallow constructions.
He was so proud of his creation.