Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After School Activites

Boogs is adjusting well to the rhythm of a school week. During his first week of school, he complained, "I only get to go to school and go home. Why don't we get to do things anymore?" Boogs is used to playdates, outings, library storytime, visiting parks, etc. I did not want to tire him out too much when he was getting used to being at school five days a week for 7 hours a day. We have slowly been adding in a few activities. He has swim lessons on Mondays, Martial Arts on Tuesdays, and Explorers Club at the library on Thursdays. We have been playing at a few parks and just keeping busy.

A bat at home in his cave.

A bat flying in the air.
Spinning on a flower.

Sunrise walk.

Boogs had his first Martial Arts class yesterday. He loved it. The night before that he was worried about it. He said, "I am a little bit nervous about my karate class. I don't really now how to do it and I might get hurt in the fights." He thought the first things he he would be expected to do was spar with a partner.
I did not want to interrupt so I took the picture from outside the door.

Explorers Club is the K-5th grade program at the library. It is wonderful. Each Thursday they have a different theme. The first time we went was on Crafty Kids day and Boogs got to make some sand art. The second time we went was Silly Science day. The topic of the day was architecture and the strength of various shapes in building structures. After a lesson, the kids got to make marshmallow buildings. Boogs loved it!
Creating a sand art masterpiece.

Marshmallow constructions.
He was so proud of his creation.

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