Monday, September 5, 2011

Color Week

Last week at Boogs' school was "color week". Each day the kids were encouraged to wear the color of the day. Boogs took it very seriously. After school he would tell me how many kids in his class did or did not wear the right color. I forgot to take his picture on yellow and blue day.
Red day, pitting cherries.
Green day.

Purple day.
I made lunches each day to match the color of the day. Here is how they turned out:
Red day - tomatoes, strawberries,
salami, Babybel cheese raisins, strawberry milk.
Yellow day-banana, yellow peppers, Pirates Booty, inside-out sandwich.

Blue day-blue ranch dressing,
blue "fish" boiled egg, blueberries
& blackberries, Clif bar.
Green day-spinach tortellini in pesto sauce,
broccoli, cucumbers, 1/2 green apple,
veggie Pirates Booty.

Purple day-I put purple grapes in his lunch
and then just spelled the work "purple" out
of bread. I realized that we don't eat a lot
of purple food.

Today is Labor Day and is a holiday. Tomorrow "color days" continue. I need to go grocery shopping so I can get ready to make orange, brown, black, and rainbow lunches for this week.