Friday, September 30, 2011

Lunches Sept. 26th - 30th

We are still using bedtime stories for lunch inspiration. Boogs told me this week that he would like to try and buy a school lunch. I taught 3rd grade for almost 10 years and I remember how bad the food was and how much the kids threw away. So, I made a deal with Boogs. He can buy a lunch when he remembers to bring home his lunch box 5 days in a row. He forgets it just about every day. I even taped a sign on his backpack that says "LUNCH BOX". We will see how long it takes for him to "earn" a school lunch. I asked if he would like for me to stop packing crazy lunches and just send "regular" food in his lunch box. He said that he likes his lunch art and wants me to keep doing it. Only 151 school lunches left this year. (Ignore the alignment of the pictures. Blogger is not working for me today.)

Frog and Toad lunch - frog apple with fruit strip tongue & raisin fly, frog ham & cheese sandwich, carrots, yogurt, Pirates Booty, and a box of flies (raisins).

Hiding in Plain Sight lunch - Boogs suggested the creatures to camouflage in his food. Can you spot the cheese snake in the grilled chicken, the leaf bug in the spinach, the red-eyed tree frog in the spinach tortellini, and the toad in the cinnamon applesauce?

Verdi lunch - pb&j sandwich with snake, carved snake carrots, watermelon, Goldfish, Pirates Booty, yogurt. I love this book!

Me Counting Time lunch - chicken salad alarm clock, kiwi moon & sun with strawberries, salad & dressing.

Jeremy Draws A Monster lunch - homemade monster chicken nuggets, baby corn drawing pencils, monster berries, Chex Mix monster parts, and yogurt.

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