Monday, January 3, 2022

Cutest Little Crocheted Armadillo

I am part of a beginner crochet group on Facebook. One of the other members posted a picture of the armadillo she made her son for Christmas. It was so cute that I had to get the pattern and make one. The pattern is called Anton The Armadillo by CB Fiberworks. The pattern cost $5 on Etsy. 

I'm from Texas and we see a lot of armadillos around here. I liked the pattern but knew I needed to give my armadillo a pointy type nose and different ears. Here is what he looks like without his shell.

My friend gave me a bunch of yarn this summer and one skein had perfect colors for an armadillo shell.
I am a slow crocheter. It took me about 10 hours over three days to make this little guy. We did not get a chance to travel during the holiday break so it was nice to have a fun project to work on.
The most amazing part of this pattern is the armadillo can roll up into a ball inside its shell. How cute is that!?! Don't you just love it?

School starts back up tomorrow. I don't have a project on my crochet hook right now. (Well, I still have not made a head for the dog I started in July. But, I'm not counting that.) I used a Joann Store gift card to order 9 skeins of yarn so I can make my first sweater. I am impatiently waiting for that yarn to arrive. Wish me luck on that project. I also ordered a needle felting kit. I have never tried needle felting. I promised a friend I would try to needle felt a honey badger for her. Yikes, another project where I will be out of my ability zone.

What crafting projects are you working on right now? 

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