Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cutesy the Elf 2017 Week 3, Days 15 - 17

We are having a great time waking up to see Cutesy's mischief and surprises each morning. We are counting on from last week's day 14.

Day 15: Oh so gross! Cutesy showed up with a jar of Elf Snot today. Cutesy might have gotten his Elf Snot inspiration HERE.
Here is a better look at the jar:
 There were even a couple of pictures of sneezing elves on jar.
 When Boogs opened the jar, it looked like there was a moose trapped inside.
Boogs pulled it out.
 It was covered in elf snot (aka green slime).
Boogs thought it was pretty gross. I told him the Chris-moose was probably glad he was saved. Boogs asked me why I laughed when I said it's name. I responded, "Christmas, Chris-moose, get it?" Boogs replied, "That's not very funny. It's just punny."

Day 16: Cutesy showed up with a solution to his runny nose. He brought a box of tissues in an Easter Island Statue tissue holder. Boogs really liked the holder and immediately put it in his room.
Day 17: Cutesy brought a fun word puzzle sheet. Boogs, Daddy, and I tried to figure it out during breakfast. We got almost all of them correct. Luckily, Cutesy had the answer sheet in his back pocket so we could check our guesses. I think Cutesy printed the sheet HERE.

To see more of Cutesy's adventures, click the label "elf" after this post.

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