Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cutesy the Elf 2017 - Final Days 16 - 24

Well, I didn't get back to blogging in December. I thought I would go ahead and finish up the Cutesy the Elf posts for Christmas 2017.

Day 16 - Cutesy brought his own box of tissues in an Easter Island Statue tissue box. Boogs loved it and now he has his own box of tissues in his room.

Day 17 - Cutesy brought a page of word puzzles. Whew, some of them were really difficult! Luckily, Cutesy had the answers tucked in his back pocket. I think he found the puzzle page HERE.
Day 18 - Cutesy brought a bag of edible snowballs (mini shortbread cookies). They sure were tasty. Cutesy found the printable bag topper HERE.
Day 19 - Oh no! The evil Purple Minion and Elfy donned disguises, tied up Cutesy, and broke in to Boogs' piggy bank & wallet. Boogs said, "Those thieves are trying to rob me blind!"
 Day 20 - Cutesy must have visited HERE to come up with this engineering challenge.
 There was a trail of popsicle sticks leading to Cutesy's hiding place.
 Cutesy showed off his own engineering skill by making a tower taller than he is.
Grandpapa and Boogs worked on the challenge together. It was so much fun to see them building and then adding weight to the structure. Boogs kept coming back to the table with more and more books.
Boogs made this Challenge #3, tallest structure.

Day 21 - Cutesy and Elfy had Frostie Blue Cream Soda in a Santa boot.
 Day 22 - Cutesy pulled out the Elf DVD and made a perler bead Elf ornament. Boogs' response, "That is so cool. It must have taken a lot of time to make. Hey, wait a minute! Did Cutesy use my white beads? I need a lot of those. There are 23 white beads on this Elf!" When Boogs checked the perler bead supply box, there were to UNopened bags of white beads. Where Cutesy found the white beads remains a mystery that Boogs could not solve.
Day 23 - Cutesy was hiding on the Christmas tree wearing a snorkeling mask and holding a scuba diver Lego set.
Day 24 - Cutesy showed up on Christmas Eve with a new game for the family to play, Fitz It. It is a great game. We liked it so much that we ended up purchasing three copies of the game for friends/family.

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