Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cutesy the Elf 2017 Week 1

Boogs looks forward to December 1st every year because that is the date our Christmas Elf usually returns. Cutesy the Elf did not disappoint us, he arrived right on time on December 1st. This is Cutesy's 7th Christmas visiting our house. Your can click HERE to see his very first visit.

Day 1: Every year, Cutesy brings back a little tree for Boogs' playroom. He came back this year with a new ornament for the tree.
Day 2: We found Cutesy sitting on top of a tower of holiday books. These are the holiday books we read each year.
Day 3: Cutesy tried to give Boogs a snowman. Unfortunately, it melted before Boogs woke up.
 Day 4: Cutesy brought Boogs a snow globe in 2011. The picture compartment seal has started to deteriorate and water is ruining the picture. You can see the comparison of the two globes in this picture.
Cutesy used Christmas magic to fix the snow globe and save their pictures. Boogs was very happy to see it fixed. He has kept the snow globe on his headboard for years. You can find a variety of picture snow globes on amazon.
Day 5: Silly Cutesy dressed up as a gingerbread man to deliver a gingerbread house for Boogs to decorate.
Boogs liked his costume.
Day 6: Cutesy must have visited JDaniel4's Mom to find this cute set of Reindeer Games With Magnets.
It was fun trying to use the magnetic wand to guide the reindeer through the maze.
Day 7:  Cutesy made a little Lego tree and brought Lego Challenge cards for some building fun. Cutesy printed the cards from The Stem Laboratory's site.

We have so much fun waiting to see what Cutesy will do each day. If you are interested in seeing some of Cutesy's antics from previous years, you can see them on my Cutesy The Elf pinterest board.

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