Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bedtime Discussion

Boogs - B, Momma - M
B: How many kisses and hugs do you want?
M: At least one of each every day.
B: Every, every day?
M: Yes.
B: Even when I am a teenager?
M: Yes.
B: Even when I am all grown-up?
M: Yes.
B: Okay, but remember that I am never going to leave you? When I am grown-up I will stay with you and never get married. (He says this all the time.)
M: That sounds nice, honey. But if you change your mind later, that is okay, too.
B: Well, I won't get married. Do you think the girl will like to do science experiments with me or do you think she will be like, "Ewww, I am afraid of lava." Cause girls don't like to do messy science.
M: Well, I am a girl and I like to do all kinds of science experiments.
B: Yeah, but you are a momma. Mommas just like stuff like that. Would a REAL girl like messy science?
M: I am sure there are many girls who like science. Just make sure you find a girl that is not afraid of lava.
B: Okay, goodnight.


  1. Cute!! And you can assure him there are even 5-year-old girls who love science. :-)