Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarten has been on my mind quite a bit lately. We only have three more weeks until preschool is out for the summer. I have been trying to incorporate a little bit more “academic” work into our playtime. I bought a “Transition to School Backpack” for Boogs. It has an activity calendar with one thing to do each day for three months to get ready for kindergarten. Most of it is stuff we are already doing: writing letters, writing numbers, counting, patterns, simple addition, discussing story elements,…etc.  Boogs is excited to have an “awesome backpack” to keep his stuff in and is very interested in playing with the things in his backpack.  We have also been revisiting some old activities that Boogs has not seen since last summer. The upper/lower case match-up came from  It is amazing how much easier it is for him now. ( I can't get the pictures to line-up like I want them to.)
Uppercase/lowercase match-up.

The "awesome" backpack.
What a big helper and great scissor practice.

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