Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sweet Berry Farms

Sweet Berry Farm Flashback 2006, Boogs 1st Halloween
Last Friday, we took Boogs out of school a little bit early so we could take a family trip to Sweet Berry Farm. It has become one of our Fall traditions to go to Sweet Berry Farm to pick our pumpkin, go through the Texas Corn Maze, feed the goats, have pumpkin ice cream and take a ton of pictures. We had a new record for finishing the maze. It took us 46 minutes. One year it took 3 1/2 hours, this was a great improvement.
Farmer Boogs
Picking a pumpkin

My little scarecrow
My big scarecrow

Finding clothes for the scarecrow

Stuffing the scarecrow
Scarecrow surgery

Such a cutie!
My sunflower boys

My little pumpkin

The new goat bridge

Starting the Texas Corn Maze
We found all of the cities

Pumpkin ice cream

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