Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boogs' Thoughts

There are times when Boogs seems to have vocabulary explosions for a couple of weeks and then it calms down. It is so interesting trying to figure out how he processes new information and words. I have a notebook in my car, a notepad in the kitchen, and a small spiral in Boogs' room to write down his little gems before I forget them. Here are a few "Boogs' Thoughts" from the past couple of weeks:

After Boogs sneezed he said, "You have to be very careful when you sneeze when you are rock climbing. One subtle move could cause you to slip or the noise from the sneeze could start a avalanche."

One day at school this week, Boogs decided that he no longer wanted to write the letter "e". He was assigned this sentence to complete: "The bee flew over the _________ flowers." Boogs colored the flowers black and wrote 'black' so that he would not have to write a color word with an "e" in it.

Boogs and I were talking about something that happened a while back. He was not sure he remembered what I was talking about. A little while later he said, "I think actually I did see that in my childhood. I just forgot."

Last Saturday he was up way too early. I got out the Halloween crafts for us to have quiet playtime. "This Halloween crafting is fun! Do you feel that old boring need for sleep anymore, Momma?"

Boogs and I were dancing and he said, "I know too many wicked dance moves for you to even keep up.”

My husband picked Boogs up and set him on the kitchen island. From where he was sitting, Boogs could see his reflection in the kitchen window and could also still see the fence outside the window. My husband said to Boogs, “You look like a ghost sitting on a fence.” Boogs replied, “It’s like a astral projection.” My husband and I looked at each other and just shook our heads. We do not know where he comes up with this vocabulary. Maybe this came from Scooby Doo? I don't know. Boogs saw us looking at each other and asked, “What is a astral projection?” I explained it is like your spirit traveled out of your physical body, went somewhere else, and then came back later. Boogs nodded and said, “Oh, I was right. I look like a astral projection in the window.”

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