Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Few More Days With Cutesy

Cutesy only has a few more days of fun left before he returns to the North Pole. Here is what he been up to lately:

Cutesy brought a joke and a box of Disney mints.
 Cutesy was under attack.
 Boogs could not decide if the purple Minion was helping Cutesy or Cutesy's captors.
 Cutesy worked on a logic problem
Cutesy brought a prebuilt gingerbread house kit. Boogs said, "Cutesy must know that you are bad at putting the house together. We just have to decorate this one."
After the gingerbread house, Boogs pulled Cutesy aside for a heart-to-heart talk. "You remember how you used to make messes and trap me in my room with wrapping paper? I wish you would do something like that again." Wish granted.
Cutesy even threw underwear and streamers on the ceiling fan. Boogs wondered how Cutesy did that without waking him up.
 Cutesy with Jenga blocks
Cutesy left a message on Boogs' mirror. It says, "Last day of school in 2013!" Boogs was super excited about that message.

Cutesy's elf cousins have been busy this holiday season. You can see some of their fun adventures or link up your own elf's adventure here:

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Be sure to check out the wonderful sites I link to on my sidebar! You can see all of Cutesy's adventures on his Cutesy the Elf Pinterest board.

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