Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cutesy the Elf is Back!

Boogs has been asking when or if Cutesy the Elf will return. He reminded me several times during our Thanksgiving break from school that Cutesy usually returns the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Well, Cutesy could not disappoint Boogs, so he came back to start his fun and mischief on Saturday, November 30th. You can see how we first got Cutesy HERE.

Cutesy Day 1
Cutesy arrived with a package and a note. The note says, "I am so happy to visit you again this year. This package got lost at the post office. I wanted you to get it on time for your trip." 
Inside the package were our tickets to Disney World. My husband and I have been waiting to tell Boogs about the trip. We decided that Cutesy could help us out. We explained to Boogs that we were waiting for the package with our tickets to arrive, just to make sure we got them, before we told him about the trip. Boogs was very excited about the trip but also very excited to see Cutesy again. Boogs insisted that Cutesy will have to go on the trip with us. Cutesy will be around until Christmas Eve, so he should be able to tag along. Now, Boogs has a lot of waiting to do before the trip. He has been "researching" the different parks to see what he wants to do most. I also had to assure Boogs that my friend will be staying at our house while we are gone so that his animals will be fed every day.

Cutesy Day 2
Cutesy decided to take over the kitchen during the night. He made Boogs some heart shaped pancakes and spelled out I (heart) U with them. My camera was out, so we think Cutesy must have used the timer on the camera to take a picture of himself before he put the pancakes in the fridge. Then he climbed on the fridge to wait for Boogs to wake up. Cutesy had a reindeer joke to share. He probably downloaded a set of reindeer jokes HERE.
Boogs was pretty impressed with Cutesy's pancakes. He said, "These pancakes taste better than Momma's but not quite as good as Daddy's chocolate chip pancakes." Then Boogs asked, "How did Cutesy do this? He doesn't even have opposable thumbs."
We are so happy to have Cutesy back again this year. You can see all of his escapades from the previous two years by clicking the "elf" label at the bottom of this post or by visiting my Cutesy the Elf Pinterest Board.

Cutesy and a bunch of other elves are leaving links to posts of their mischief on the Ultimate Elf linky:

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