Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cutesy's Final Visits of 2013

On Christmas Eve, Cutesy had a joke and a word search for Boogs. I am pretty sure Cutesy found the word search HERE.
 It took a while for Boogs to figure out where Cutesy was waiting this morning.
 As soon as he found Cutesy and the word search, Boogs got to work.
Cutesy is heading back to the North Pole on Santa's sleigh. He left behind a note, a book, and a joke for Boogs to find on Christmas morning.
We have had so much fun having Cutesy visit our house over the holidays. Boogs is already wondering what kinds of things Cutesy will do next year.

Cutesy's elf cousins have also been busy this holiday season. You can see some of their fun adventures or link up your own elf's adventure here:

Ultimate Elf on the Shelf Link Party
Be sure to check out the wonderful sites I link to on my sidebar! You can see all of Cutesy's adventures on his Cutesy the Elf Pinterest board.

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