Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cutesy At Animal Kingdom Lodge

Poor Cutesy had a rough week in our hotel room at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was difficult for Cutesy to move around the room with Boogs staying up until we all went to sleep. We did not see our luggage the first night of our stay, luckily Cutesy hitched a ride in my carry-on bag. Unfortunately, he did not have his daily joke with him the first morning of our stay.
Cutesy simply made himself comfortable in the Mickey towels.
The second morning, Cutesy climbed on the headboard with a joke and Lego Mini Figure in his pocket.
Boogs was thrilled to get the Abominable Snowman Lego Mini Figure.
The third morning, Cutesy climbed up on the top of the curtains with a joke in his pocket.
Cutesy must have done some souvenir shopping because he had a giant Disney pencil when Boogs found him hanging on the balcony door on our fourth morning.
Boogs choose to get a purple Minion for his souvenir from Universal Studios. On our last morning at the lodge, the purple Minion was dangling Cutesy from the ceiling fan. Boogs had a hard time deciding if the Minion was messing with Cutesy or trying to save him.
After seeing Cutesy with the Minion, Boogs said, "Cutesy can really move at night and he has the power to make other things move. That is how the Minion was able to save Cutesy on the ceiling fan."

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