Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What We've Been Up To

GP and GM must have brought the chilly wet weather with them from Canada. We have gray skies and rain forecast for the next week. We have been keeping busy, but would sure like to get in some hiking on the greenbelt trails.
Playing pool

Working on Christmas puzzles

Making and flying paper airplanes
We found directions for making
easy paper airplanes here

Lining the walkway with lights

Putting up the lights

Boogs took all of the money out of his piggy bank and just started making a trail of money. He said he was making a trail to a pot of gold.

This kept him busy for a long time.
We ended up leaving it out for two days.

Start of a homemade marble run
Marbles and coins, watch where you step

Cookie swap baking. Snowman recipe
from here
Melted snowman cookies and Oreo balls

Playing in the rain

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