Friday, December 23, 2011

Cutesy Has Inspired Boogs' Imagination

A few days ago a friend of mine, Eileen, posted a photo of her elf stuck to a painter's tape web while wearing a Spiderman mask. I knew Boogs would LOVE that ideas so I TOTALLY copied it. Only, my web did not look as cute as hers. I taped the web to the tiles in the bathroom so that none of my newly painted walls would get messed up. Boogs found the web shortly after he woke up.

This is how Boogs found Cutesy this morning.

He took down Cutesy's web and made one of his own.

Boogs' web was square.


Lookout, it's Spiderman!

Then Boogs drew Spiderman on the white board.

Spiderman's web is capturing an ant.

Spiderman started doing sneak attacks on me.

He used the sonic boom.

He collected other devices like: flash glasses, vibration goggles, power of the calendar to turn me old and young,  paper airplane darts, solar flare sun power, and several others I can't remember Boogs telling me about. It was an all out battle.

He hid all over the house. We had so much fun playing Spiderman this morning.  Cutesy and Eileen, thanks for the idea.

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  1. So cute! What a fun spider-man morning. Ours did the same rearranging of the web, thne played spiderman all morning with Dave of course :) great job!