Friday, December 9, 2011

GP & GM in the House!

Grandpapa and Grandmaman have journeyed from Ottawa, Canada to spend the holidays with us. Boogs was very sad, and I am sure they were too, that GP and GM missed their connecting flight in D.C. by 5 minutes. They had to spend 10 hours at the airport before they could get on another flight to Austin. Not a fun day for them. Boogs got to see them bright and early Thursday morning. Other than being in school, he has been spending his time hanging out with GP and GM. Okay, there was a little bit of Boogs' time devoted to watching Pokemon.
Visiting Santa at the mall.

Boogs challenged GM to a Jurassic Park Pinball  game.

Boogs won and then they had a rematch.
Reading bedtime stories on the couch with GM. Boogs insisted on a cozy blanket.

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