Friday, December 2, 2011

Lunches November 28 - December 2nd

We love to read books! Boogs' lunches are based on the story we read at bedtime the previous evening. I usually only post his lunches once a week. Last week, Boogs was looking at some pictures of his lunches on my phone. He kept saying things like,"Oh, I remember this story, I want to have a garden like that someday." "Momma, we have to get this book again. I want to read it over and over." He was able to recall characters and events that happened in these stories. The lunch pictures, "Jogged my memory a little." I thought that was pretty neat. His lunches have turned into a partial log of books we have read together.  You can enlarge each picture by clicking on them. To see past weeks of lunches, click on the label at the end of this post. 

What Day Is It?/Que dia es hoy? by Alex Moran
The little ant is this story is sad (triste) because his friends have forgotten his birthday. At the end of the book, the ant finds out his friends were planning a surprise party. In the lunchbox: pb&j ant sandwich, pumpkin chocolate chip "birthday cake" muffin, strawberries, mandarin orange, salad and yogurt.

Hello, House! by Linda Hayward
This is a short Brer Wolf and Brer Rabbit story. Boogs loves how tricky Brer Rabbit can be. In the lunchbox: Brer Rabbit boiled egg, pb&j house, Babybel sun, broccoli trees, pretzel sticks, dried apricots, and strawberries.
Big Words for Little People by Jamie Lee Curtis
Boogs picked this book from his school library. He loves words and really enjoyed the BIG words in this book. His favorite word was "persevere", our family motto is We Never Quit. He did not like "inappropriate" because it shows a kiddo holding up a PG-13 murder mystery movie. Boogs had a nightmare about the picture of the knife on the cover of the movie last night. In his lunchbox: salami & cheese Lunch Punch puzzle, pretzel sticks, strawberries, blueberries, salad, dressing, and a  Z bar.
The Garden of Abdul Gasazi by Chris  Van Allsburg
Have I mentioned how much I love Chris Van Allsburg's books? In this story you are led to believe that a magician changed a dog into a duck. Boogs told me that "the dog and duck are two separate beings, not one changed into the other." In the lunchbox: pb&j dog and duck, flower petal carrot chips, broccoli bushes with dressing, orange & strawberry flower, and Alan's cap drawn on the Babybel cheese. 
If You Take A Mouse To The Movies by Laura Numeroff
Cutesy, our elf, wrapped all of our holiday books and Boogs gets to open one each morning for us to read. Today he opened this book. I was planning on using a bedtime story for lunch today, so this lunch came together in about 15 minutes. In the lunch box: PB&Nuttella blanket and mouse sandwich ball, fruit leather hat, mitten & tree cheese ornamments, grapes & tomato ornaments, popcorn, pretzel sticks, and pears.

Shibley Smiles Bento Lunch


  1. Love it! I've never seen, "If you take a Mouse to the Movies," I'll have to check that out since we love the other "If you..." books!

  2. I need to look for Big Words for JDaniel. He loves to use big words.

  3. So cute! I love that you not only make these adorable lunches, you also relate them to the books you read! How cleaver!
    We would love it if you would link up and share your great idea with our readers over at:

  4. Hi Keitha,
    Thanks for the compliments on my blog. I got the playdoh mats from Preschool Corner. Here is the link for them

    She has one for each letter.
    I love your blog. You one one super creative mama to make themed lunches daily! You rock!!

  5. I love these ideas! We are getting ready to do "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" this week, so I might have to borrow your idea for that lunch!

  6. YUM!! Another amazing week of lunches- you are the best!! We love If you Take a Mouse to the movies - maybe I'll try my hand at making a fun lunch =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Can't wait to see what you do this week,
    Beth =-)

  7. Thanks for all of the compliments. My son loves his themed lunches. I know that he will probably outgrow them pretty soon. So I am having fun with them while I can.

  8. Ooo Little Miss loves "Take a Mouse to the Movies" :) She has the book & mouse doll. So adorable!