Saturday, December 17, 2011

Latest Cutesy Antics

Cutesy the Elf has been busy during the night while we are sleeping. I don't know how that little elf can keep so busy and so quiet at the same time. Here is what he has been up to:
Boogs found my camera out and my
computer/printer on this morning.
Cutesy got into my photo paper and
made a couple of pictures of himself
and put them in a snowglobe.
Boogs liked the picture of him and Cutesy best.

It is hard to see, the mirror says
"Last Day of School!" I made
Boogs wait while I found my
camera. Cutesy is holding the
marker.  Boogs was not thrilled
about having his picture taken.

Cutesy and his buddies were roasting
marshmallows by the fireplace.

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