Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cutesy the Elf Has Been Busy

I saw this elf snowball idea on Pinterest. This has been Boogs favorite Cutesy surprise so far. He scolded Cutesy for taking his blocks out of the playroom. Then Boogs counted all of the snowballs to see who was winning the battle. He left Cutesy alone to go eat breakfast and then went back to take another look.  He said, "They haven't thrown anymore snowballs at each other." Awww...sometimes I forget he is only five and still believes Cutesy MIGHT really be doing these things. He asked to leave Cutesy and his friends there until after school. So of course I had to add to the snowball fight. I knocked over all of the plushies except the snowman. The snowman had a marshmallow on his hand and his arms raised in victory. Boogs did not like that when he got home. He rearranged everything while I was in the other room so that Cutesy's team won the battle. After dinner, Boogs and his Dad ate the snowballs.
First thing in the morning
After school

Cutesy snuck a peek at Boogs' Lego Advent Calendar. Unfortunately, I was very tired last night when I was putting activity slips of paper into each day. I forgot the days were listed out of order. In the morning Boogs let me know that he wanted to countdown from 24 to 1, not open the numbers that matched the date. When he opened #24, the activity paper said, "Leave cookies and milk out for Santa." OOPS! Luckily, he can't read that quickly and I just told him it said something else.

Boogs woke up to his very own tree in his playroom. Cutesy is putting a Santa Claus topper on the tree to remind him of home. Boogs said that Santa probably dropped it off for Cutesy because it is too big for Cutesy to move by himself.
Boogs woke up to find Cutesy and many of his stuffed animals reading Christmas books near the Christmas tree.

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