Friday, December 23, 2011

Cutesy's Magic Peppermint Seed Growing Kit

Beth at Living Life Intentionally posted a free printable for a Magic Peppermint Seed Growing Kit. We had a lot of fun with this.
Cutesy left this for Boogs.

We carefully read the directions. I used cotton balls for the "Potting Snow" and shredded Christmas scrapbook paper for the "North Pole Fertilizer". Boogs said, "Hmmm...this fertilizer looks just liked shredded newspaper." He is a smart kiddo.

Boogs was curious about how a peppermint seed could grow.

He carefully planted the seed.

When it was ready, Boogs set it on the coffee table so it could grow "overnight".

A few hours later, the peppermint seed had sprouted into a little peppermint stick. 

The next morning, a big swirly peppermint stick had grown in the cup. The peppermint was on a wooden stick and we decided that was its root. Yes, I did let Boogs eat it after breakfast.


  1. How come I never saw this! I love how you used our printable - SO FUN!!! I am so eager for Christmas =-)

    1. I looked back at your post with these printables. I commented that we used them, but I guess I forgot to put the link in. I am so glad you got to see how we used them. Boogs loved full grown candy cane.

  2. Looking for the link to print the Magic Peppermint Seed Growing Kit..can you direct me to it...Thanks...and love your blog

    1. If you click the words "Living Life Intentionally" it will take you to the post for the free peppermint download.