Sunday, August 28, 2016

First Week of 5th Grade Lunches

Back to school means that it is time to pack lunches every day. I started packing themed lunches for Boogs on his first day of kindergarten. Now he is in 5th grade. He told me he still appreciates themed lunches "every once in a while". Cool! I get to make cute lunches until he tells me he is too old for them.

I made his first day of school lunch based on the book The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. In the book, Chester the raccoon is comforted on his first day of school by his mother. His mother places a kiss in Chester's palm to remind him of her love throughout his first day of school. This story has become a tradition in our house. We read it the night before school begins and then I turn it into a lunch for the first day of school. In the lunchbox: ham & cheese hand sandwich (I traced Boogs hand onto the bread), fruit leather heart, yogurt, berries, and salad with a radish heart.

Boogs lunch for his second day of school was a quick thrown together meal. In the ELB lunchbox: peach slices, carrots, hummus, pistachios, roll, cheese, and salami.

ELB Lunchbox of love: cheese stick, yogurt pretzels (they kind of look like hearts), almond butter & jelly sandwich, raspberries with chocolate chips, and salad with a red pepper heart.

Greek Myths: A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys by Nathaniel Hawthorne
I bought this book last year and put it in Boogs' bookcase. When we were trying to decide what book to read for our bedtime story book last week, Boogs pulled this one off the shelf. In writing this book, Hawthorne tried to make Greek Myths more accessible for children. Boogs was tickled by the descriptive language Hawthorn used and sentences that we could not read in one breath. Here is an example: It is greatly feared that the Three Gray Women were very much in the habit of disturbing their mutual harmony by bickerings of this sort; which was the more pity, as they could not conveniently do without one another, and were evidently intended to be inseparable companions. (Did you just try to read that in one breath? Any luck?)

We still have a few more chapters to go to complete this book so there will probably be a few more Greek Myth lunches next week. 

Boogs enjoyed the story of Perseus' journey to bring the head of Medusa to his king This lunch includes some of the trials Perseus encountered on his journey. In the ELB lunchbox: salad, blueberry darkness, strawberry enchanted wallet, eyeball pick which The Three Gray Women shared amongst themselves, marshmallow with the Three Gray Women, Perseus Cheezit crackers, Babybel Medusa with spinach hair, and Pocky Stick sword.
This is the illustration in the book in which Perseus presents Medusa to his king.

Another myth we read in this book was the story of King Midas and his Golden Touch. King Midas was so greedy that he asked for the power to turn everything he touched into gold. This power did not turn out as wonderful as he hoped it would. In the Easy Lunchbox: salami turned into gold cheese, golden apricots, golden lemon yogurt, Goldfish Crackers, orange slices, and golden yellow pepper flowers on top of salad.

Easy Lunchboxes (also known as ELBs) are my go to lunch box to use when packing lunch. I love the three compartments and the easy open lid. Boogs enjoys being able to see all of his lunch at once. You can purchase ELBs HERE.

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