Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mudstacle Run

Whew! I can't believe we have been in school for eight weeks. It is crazy how fast time flies. These past two months have been really long. Boogs has spent the majority of this time doing this:
Boogs got some kind of bug bite the last week of August that got infected and had red streaks going up his arm. This has been our life since then: 10 days of antibiotics, allergic reaction rash to the antibiotics, infected spot went away, spot came back 8 days later, another 10 day round of antibiotics, bleach baths, towel/hand towel/sheet washing every single day, warm compresses, antibiotic cream, bandages, spot went away again.

We finally had the chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine last weekend at the LEEF Mudstacle Run.
Boogs was super excited! It has been two years since our last mud run. There were three race course options - Kids Fun Run, 2.5K, 5K. Boogs decided he wanted to do the full 5K and conquer EVERY SINGLE obstacle. I love his enthusiasm. What a fun race!
We made sure we made it to the race early before it got too warm to enjoy the day.
Boogs got super close to the Hydra Bubbler. I think he was covered in more bubbles than anyone else out there.
 The Ranger Mud Slide was our first taste of getting our feet sucked into the squishy mud.
The Up and Over spools was a good challenge. There were six spools of varying sizes.
I managed to get across the balance beam in the Punisher Pit without getting knocked off by the people launching balls at us. Boogs was not so lucky, he fell down into the muck. The next obstacle was the Double Barrel Mud Crawl. My knees did not appreciate the small muddy/rocky tunnels we had to crawl through. Boogs loved it.
Boogs had fun punching his way through Punchy Alley and NoodlePalooza. Wow, it looked like a lot of work to get that part of the course set up.
Boogs kept goofing around in the Get Wired section of the course. We had to go through 5 rope mazes. They were fun.
I loved that the course had a tiny block half way up the Wall Climb for the kids to use as a step so they could get over the wall all by themselves.

 The Cinnamon Rolls were hard to climb up but a blast to run across.
There were several more muddy areas before we made it to the America's Navy calisthenics course.
We had to do high knees, side steps, run around the cones, lunges, and then sprint down the fence line.
Look at that muddy boy! Running up and down the ravines was tough (at least for me).
The tires slowed us down a bit, especially when we got to the huge ones at the end.

I walked around the Hay! Hay! obstacle so I could get a pic of Boogs climbing over it. He told me I had to go back so I could say I went through every obstacle in the race.
Right before the finish line, there were kids throwing "snowballs" at the runners. Boogs picked up a ball and threw it back.
We made it through the entire 5K course. Boogs celebrated by jumping all the way into the vat of bubbles
After the race, we stopped at several of the booths to shoot hoops, drink green drinks, get freebie toothbrushes and snacks.
I was so glad Boogs was finally feeling better. We went to a friend's bowling birthday party later in the day. Sadly, on Sunday morning, that stupid infected spot came back on his arm. Sigh!!!

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  1. It's such a shame that Boogs has been so ill recently, I hope the doctors can sort out what it is and get him ship-shape again! This mudstacle course sounds like a fab way to spend the day feeling better again. It's such a shame the spot came back again though, I hope it all clears up soon!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    1. Thanks. Luckily Boogs has not been feeling all that bad. I just want to make sure the infection gets cleared up and does not spread or become worse.

  2. Goodness. What a fabulous race. So many different kinds of obstacles. Well done both of you. Glad you did go back and do the hay stacks. Hope his spot vanishes soon. #CountryKids

  3. My daddy did Hell Runner a couple of years back and had to go through the 'bog of doom'. This looks like a fun obstacle course! #CountryKids xx

    1. Boogs is looking forward to turning 14 so he can participate in a Warrior Dash race.

  4. What a lot of fun and the obstacles look great, not too adventurous with still fun. Mich x

    1. This was a good race. The last one we did included a trench full of ice water to wade through. I was happy to skip getting soaked with ice water.

  5. That looks like so much fun! So many awesome obstacles. My children would love to take part in something like that.

    Glad Boogs is on the mend.


  6. The race was a lot of fun. I like that the obstacles were planned for kids to be able to conquer them.

  7. Hope the infection clears up completely soon! This race looks like amazing fun, well done Boogs :) #countrykids

  8. The mudstacle run looks like fun - well done to Boogs for doing the full 5k and I love the bubbles at the end. Hope the spot on his arm clears up soon. #countrykids

  9. Well done to Boogs! This course looks immense and I bet he's proud to have completed it.I hope the bug bite has cleared up.Over from Country Kids.

  10. Aww, just look at the Mudstacle! I bet the children had such a great time. There's nothing better than a bit of mud and lots of fresh air and all legitimate, without mummy saying "mind the mud"
    Glad the bite is now ok, sounds a bit nasty!