Saturday, August 6, 2016

Road Trip 2016 - Houston Children's Museum

On our last morning in Houston, we packed up and left our hotel room by 9 am. We still had one ticket left in our Houston Citypass booklet - the Children's Museum of Houston. I thought Boogs and the J-Boys would spend about an hour at the museum. Boy was I wrong. They all had a blast!
There were so many interesting things to do. We really on stayed in the Kidtropolis area. We should have set aside about 6 hours for this museum. We ended up staying about 3 hours. The kids could choose a place to look for a job, complete that job, earn a paycheck, and then deposit their earnings at the bank. 

 Some of the jobs were solving crimes at the forensics lab,

 working as Stock Market Traders,
 drive a delivery van,
 separate and mail packages,
 work at the bank,
 be a produce manager,
 restock the shelves,
 work as a cashier,
 shop for groceries,
 be a waiter,
 manage the diner,
 and several other jobs I did not take pictures of.

I was really surprised by how much they enjoyed the Kidtropolis area. We needed to leave Houston and head to our first campsite. We told the boys they could take 30 minutes to play on the Power Tower installation.
 It was a little difficult to round up the four boys so we could leave, but we finally did it.
Boogs said he would love to go back to that museum and spend an entire day there. We only saw a small part of the exhibits at the museum. We will have to make plans to return before Boogs gets too old to appreciate it.

I enjoyed our days in Houston, but I definitely was ready to unpack the tents and get outside to camp.

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