Saturday, May 8, 2021

Whimsical Stitches Crochet Patterns

A few years ago, my sister gave Boogs a crocheted Hobbes and a crocheted dragon. Boogs had expressed interest in learning how to make some crocheted animals for himself. I searched for patterns and found the book Whimsical Stitches by Lauren Espy. Shortly after I bought the book, Boogs lost interest in wanting to make the animals for himself. I completely forgot about this book until I recently learned to crochet.

I made a bird and a fox from Woobles patterns for my friend's son and he asked if I could make him an octopus. I remembered this book and showed it to them. After seeing the picture of the jellyfish, he forgot all about wanting an octopus. My friend jokingly said she would love a turtle. So I got to work.
Espy's patterns are easy to follow and great for beginners. There are lots of pictures for each pattern. So it was easy to make a few jellyfish and a turtle. My friend and her son really liked them.

I have made and given away a few jellyfish. People seem to really like them and they are fun to make. I'm a little sad that this fun book has just been sitting on a shelf for the past three years. I know I will be making more cute creations from it soon.

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