Saturday, May 8, 2021

Amigurumi Marine Animals

I am still working my way through the list of marine animals my friend wants me to make for her new classroom next year. This week, I made an octopus, leatherback sea turtle, lobster, crab, and sea horse. I decided to try again to make an octopus. I still had a ton of trouble with the tentacles. I think I remade the tentacles 4 times before I got them the way I wanted them. I used THIS pattern from The Friendly Red Fox for the octopus. I love the huge eyes and the little white spot of light. It really brings character to this octopus.

I made a turtle a few weeks ago, but my friend wanted a sea turtle. I found this adorable leatherback sea turtle pattern HERE. Another friend gave me a bunch of yarn they had been storing for about ten years. There was a skein of camouflage yarn in that stash. I thought it was the perfect yarn to use for the shell. The pattern was clearly written and easy to follow. I think this little turtle turned out really cute.
I found a cute little lobster pattern HERE. I did not realize how small this amigurumi creature would be. It is about 4 inches long. I redid the lobster with thicker yarn and a larger needle, but that piece did not turn out well. I gave my friend this lobster and she was happy with it.
I found this Kurt the Crab pattern HERE. The pattern was easy to follow. It did take longer than I expected it to take. I need to get better at attaching pieces together. 
This turned out to be a funky little seahorse. The color combination is because I was using up leftover yarn that I had laying around. I found the pattern for the seahorse HERE on One Dog Woof's site. She has a blue whale pattern that I have been looking at making.

I think I am pretty much finished with marine animal crochet for a little while. I have a cuttlefish pattern and a hammerhead shark pattern printed, just waiting for me to get started on them. I had a request from a school librarian for a Hobbes tiger. I have been avoiding it because I am scared of making the stripes on Hobbes. I think I am going to start that next and then go back and finish those last two marine animals. I am looking for an easy, but looks great, beginner pattern for a scuba diver to add to my friend's marine animal collection. If you know of a good one, I'd love to see it.

I think my crochet skills have come a long way in the 12 weeks since I first started crocheting. Eventually, I want to try and tackle making a cardigan sweater. I am really nervous about making the arms and armholes match perfectly. I will probably wait until school is out to start a big project like a sweater. I am really enjoying making these small, quickly finished projects. It is fun to make them and give them away.

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