Saturday, May 8, 2021

Crocheted Sun Hat

After successfully making my first crochet blanket, I wanted a new crochet challenge. I thought about making a sweater but then came across a crochet pattern for making a floppy sun hat.  Craft Passion had an easy to follow free pattern for making a sun hat with raffia thread. The raffia thread looks like straw yarn.

I have to admit that crocheting with raffia thread is much more difficult than using regular yarn. Halfway through making the hat, I wasn't sure if it was worth finishing. I looked like a lumpy mess.

Did you know that you can iron raffia thread? One of the steps for making the hat was to iron the hat to "block" it into shape. The pattern suggested using newspaper and masking tape to make a DIY crown block. I didn't have newspaper but I did have a junior sized soccer ball, so I used it as my crown block. The hat looked a lot better after I ironed it. I messed up a little bit on measuring for the size of my hat. It is about half an inch too big, but it still works. I may try to add a little bit of structure to the brim to help it be a tiny bit less floppy. 

I added a crocheted flower and a band of cork & lace around the base of the brim. I think it turned out okay. I wore it to the Farmer's Market last week and my friend complimented my "cute" hat. I will count that as a win!

I tried to make a ski hat and ended up making it a little bit too small. I really need to work on figuring out hat circumference size.

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