Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tang Soo Do

Boogs is really enjoying the Tang Soo Do class he started in August. He tested for and received his orange belt.

I loved reading the essay Boogs wrote for his belt testing:

What Does Tang Soo Do Mean To Me

     I like learning Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do teaches me discipline, self-defense, new skills, and having fun while working on my body. I want to keep doing Tang Soo Do and someday get my black belt.
     Discipline is important because it can help me be a better person in society.  Self-defense is important in case somebody attacks me and I could defend myself. Tang Soo Do is like a fun workout. I don’t feel like complaining when I do it.
     I feel pride that I have gotten this far in Tang Soo Do. I want to pass my orange belt test so I can learn more new skills. Tang Soo Do is the best and I am glad I am learning it. Tang Soo!

The day of belt testing was very long. We did not realize we would be there for 5 hours. Boogs was a trooper and waited patiently for his turn to do his forms and answer questions from the Dans.

 Boogs was very proud to receive his new orange belt.
 This past weekend, Boogs entered his first Tang Soo Do competition.
 He had a little bit of trouble remembering all of the steps to the form he showed the judges.
 He was disappointed in his low scores. We talked about the importance of diligent practice and he wants to be better prepared before his next competition.
 Boogs really looks forward to sparring in his Tang Soo Do classes. He was very excited about sparring in the competition this past Saturday. Boogs is in the dark blue helmet.
 Boogs did a great job of blocking his opponents hits and kicks.
 Boogs was controlled and aggressive on the hits and kicks he delivered to his opponent.
 It was exciting to watch him.
 Look at that proud smile on Boogs face for winning a 1st place sparring medal for the Orange Belts.
 After his competition, he was telling Daddy about his best blocks and hits.
 Boogs definitely wants to keep practicing Tang Soo Do.

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