Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Catching Up - Cutesy

Okay, I have not posted in FOREVER! So, I am going to catch up a bit. Here are pics of Cutesy the Elf's final visits to us in 2014.
Snowman Breakfast
 Gift wrapped Christmas tree
Cutesy & Elfy were waiting at the top of the stairs.
Boogs rode down the stair slide with them.
 Winter matching game
 Etch A Sketch message
 Cutesy brought a new Calvin & Hobbes book with a set of Calvin & Hobbes light switch covers for Boogs' playroom.
 Cutesy showed up at Grandmaman's house in Canada.
 Cutesy's last note came with a puppy dog head lamp.

We were said to see Cutesy go. Boogs is sure he will be back next year.

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