Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Catching Up - Mer Bleue Walk

We stayed fairly busy while we were visiting my husband's family in Canada during the Christmas holidays. We went to the movies, went to a play at the children's theater, visited with relatives & friends, went shopping, crossed the river on a ferry, ate too much, opened presents, went to the gym, and spent some time outdoors. It was a good visit.

I love going for walks in the snow. My husband's parents, sister, and brother-in-law joined us on a walk at Mer Bleue Conservation Area. It is such a neat area to walk through. The wooden plank trail leads you across a peat moss bog. Along the trail, we like to look for beaver dams and tree stumps with beaver chew marks on them.
 The walkway down to the bog was covered in thick ice. It was slippery.
 They did not seem to mind running on the ice. I am not coordinated enough to do that without falling.
It was cold on the planks above the bog.
 If you looked carefully, you could spot the mounds of the beaver lodges.

 We were all bundled up to stay warm on our walk.

 Boogs and Daddy had a "who can go the longest without wearing gloves" contest.
 Daddy won about 15 minutes later. He made sure to gloat about it. Boogs was not impressed with Daddy's "Winner" celebration.
 There were many beaver gnawed trees. The park service put fencing around the trunks of some trees to discourage the beavers clearing out certain trees.
 Boogs pretended to be a beaver chomping down this tree.
 Boogs and Daddy found more sticks to play with.
 There were a couple of human-made lodges just off the main trail.
 Boogs decided to add a couple more sticks to this one.
 Boogs and Daddy played hockey on the icy path with small branches for hockey sticks and a piece of wood for a puck. The puck fell apart so they had to find a rock to use.

 There was fierce competition for control of the puck.
 There were even a few fights. I think the game was eventually declared a tie.
After we left Mer Bleue, we went to Tim Horton's for hot cocoa to warm up. Despite the cold, it was a really fun outing.
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  1. This looks like a lovely day out with all the family, it seems like a fab place to explore. It's really interesting to see where the beavers have gnawed at the trees. That ice hockey game looks like it was pretty intense. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.