Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Cookies and Pizza

Yesterday, Boogs had a kindergarten friend over for several hours. Boogs and C played for quite a while in the playroom and then decided they were ready to make handprint turkey cookies. Boogs and I have been making these for the past several years. I traced Boogs' and C's hands onto cardstock and then had the boys cut out their outlined handprint. We rolled out our sugar cookie dough and I gave them each a piece to put their cardstock handprints on. They used plastic knives to cut around the paper. While the cookies were baking and cooling, we made homemade personal sized pizzas for lunch. Boogs told me not to eat "olive" the black olives. He loves to make up jokes. After we baked the cookies, the boys decorated them with squeeze tube icing. They were yummy!
Kneading the ingredients together
because it is always fun to use your hands.
Cutting around the cardstock handprint.

C's decorating his turkey.
Boogs decorating his turkey.

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  1. I saw the title of this post and I was very curious as to what turkey cookies were. I am glad to know that they aren't made of actual turkey! LOL!