Monday, November 7, 2011

Name Change Game

Boogs frequently asks me to tell him stories about things I did when I was growing up. Several months ago, I told him about a car game I used to play with my family on long road trips to Grandma Love's house. We called it the Name Change Game. Each person in the car chose a new name. Everyone had to use only the new names for the remainder of the trip. If you said someone's real name, you had to be silent until that person allowed you to speak again. Boogs brought this game up yesterday morning and we played it for several hours. Boogs decided to be called Piggy Bank, my husband was Boss Hog, and I was Twinkle Toes. It was a lot of fun. Boogs and my husband tried to team up against me because I never got their names wrong and they had to repeatedly be silent. At one point, I heard Piggy Bank whisper to Boss Hog, "I am going to try to start an argument with Twinkle Toes so she will get my name wrong and we can keep her from talking." Boogs even tried to trick me several times by telling me the game was over just so I would slip up. This game is so much fun to play with an enthusiastic 5-year-old. After about two hours of Piggy Bank, Boss Hog, and Twinkle Toes, Boogs wanted to change our names again. Boogs decided to be Jelly Fish, my husband chose Jelly Stitch, and I chose Jelly Pop. That got really confusing. GP and GM, you better start thinking about your new names. I am sure Boogs will want to play this again when you are visiting.


  1. Tell ME things we did when we were growing up. The only game I can remember is Stink Pink and I don't really remember how to play it.

    Seeeee? I finally came to visit and didn't even groan in a comment.


  2. Sis - don't you remember the time Mom changed her name to Tinkerbell and we called her Tinkle-bell for the rest of that trip because she had to stop for restroom breaks so often.