Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fright At the Museum

This past weekend we attended Fright At the Museum at the Texas Natural Science Center. Boogs enjoyed going. This year there were snakes, bugs, a few games, a craft activity, dino bone sand dig, and some gross snacks.

Beetle Bark, Meal Worm cookies, and other
tasty treats. Boogs ate some Beetle Bark, a
beetle covered in white chocolate.

Lots of live snakes to see.
Ball toss game to win a prize.

Not sure about being close to
those hanging bats.
Better with the mask on.

Boogs' comment, "I would not want to
swim with that in the water with me."
Fossil rubbings.

Look out, Daddy! The vampire catfish
is going to get you!!!
This wreath wriggled and hissed.

Can you see Boogs' eyes thru the screen?
Our future scientist.

After we left the museum we went to a birthday party at an indoor pool. Boogs was tired, nearly drown, swallowed a ton of water, and threw up in the pool. He is okay, now. But it was a busy weekend.

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