Sunday, November 13, 2011

Explorer's Club

At the last library Explorer's Club, the kiddos learned about weather. The planned activity was to make a rooster weather vane. Boogs was very excited about making the weather vane and putting it "up on the roof". Our librarian quickly discouraged this idea and suggested that everyone fine a nice flat spot in their yard to stick their weather vane. When we got home, Boogs had me get out a compass to line up the placement of his weather vane.
Color a rooster and then cover it with contact paper to help "weather proof" it. Cover an arrow with tinfoil.

Take a skewer and wind a rubber band near one end, next poke a cup onto the skewer, add another rubber band to hold the cup in place, put a bead on the skewer, then slide a straw (attached to the rooster and tinfoil covered arrow) over the skewer. The rooster and arrow will now spin freely when you blow air on them.

The cup has N, E, S, W written on its base.  You just have to line them up properly when you poke the skewer in the your yard at home.
Boogs, and most of the other children, needed quite a bit of help to complete this project. We had fun working on it together.

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