Sunday, August 8, 2010

There's a champion bodybuilder in the house!

My husband has been working so hard to get ready for his first bodybuilding competition. His dedication and hard work has been amazing! This is a picture of him in April 2009:
Here is a picture of him on stage taken at his bodybuilding competition yesterday, Aug. 2010 (on left):
When he sets his mind to accomplish something, nothing holds him back. Boogs and I went to the prejudging portion of the competition yesterday morning. Boogs and I made a sign that said, "GO DADDY!" Boogs decorated it with stickers. He was proud to see his daddy up on stage.

Many people backstage told my husband he was going to win his class. He was excited and nervous for the evening show. The evening show was a lot of fun. We had about 20 LOUD friends and family cheering for him. He said we were so loud that he had trouble hearing his music for his posing routine. It was very exciting to see him win both the Men's Lightweight Novice and the Men's Lightweight Open classes. He brought home two large swords for trophies. Because he won his class, he got to go up to compete for overall bodybuilder of the competition. He looked small next to the heavy weight and ultra heavy weight winners.  But he also looked the most shredded. He pushed his way between two of the big guys to do some poses during the overall pose down. This is a not so great piece of video of him moving aside the big boys. He is in the green trunks.

My mom went with me to the show. She had a good time cheering for all of the participants because, "They all worked hard to get there and deserved to hear someone cheering for them." I love my mom! I took my mom home while my husband went to the after party. I made it home a little before midnight and he came in around 2 am. We sat on the couch and talked about the show and the entire day. Then around 3 am we headed to What-a-Burger to get burgers and fries. Foods that have been taboo for months! While we were waiting for our order, a young guy (early 20s) came up to my husband and asked if he had been in the Capital of TX bodybuilding competition earlier that evening. Then he said, "Aren't you the guy that won two classes?" It was pretty weird that 5 hours and 25 miles away from the show someone recognized my husband. We stayed up until almost 5 am. It was a great night after months of intense work. I am so glad and so proud that my husband accomplished his goal.

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