Thursday, August 12, 2010

Interesting Comparisons

Boogs has been into comparisons A LOT lately. Sometimes they make sense and sometimes they don't. Here are a few of my favorites:

This is going to be as boring as eating a green pea. (while waiting for me to get a haircut)

Whew, the sun makes me feel as hot as a bee in a lunchbox.

I am as fast as a bulldog.

Superfinder is smarter than a jackal. (after hearing the story of The Tiger and the Brahmin)

My playroom is as messy as a barn.

Not a comparison - while talking about The Tiger and the Brahmin, Boogs told me that the jackal and the Brahmin had to "un-smart" the tiger.  I told him the word to use is "outsmart". He argued and said, "No, Momma. They had to un-smart him because he was smart. Not outsmart him cause he was not in-smart."

There are so many other comparisons he has made lately, but I have forgotten to scribble them down. They make me laugh and then I forget them. Usually we are in the car when he says these gems. I love my boy!

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