Friday, August 27, 2010

Hamilton Pool

Last week we went with some friends to Hamilton Pool Preserve. There is a 1/4 mile trail down to the swimming area. The pool is a beautiful natural swimming hole with a small waterfall. They only allow 75 cars into the preserve at a time. We arrived shortly after they opened and got right in. Boogs and the "three J brothers" (as Boogs calls them) put on their life jackets and took off. The pool area is not very big so they were never too far away. The boys loved going on the path under the grotto and walking behind the waterfall. Boogs did not like standing under the waterfall because, "it is too stingy and makes my skin hurt".  He had a great time. It is so nice that he is big enough to put on a life jacket and go without me being glued to his side. We will definitely have to go here again while the pool is still open this summer. (D, Thanks for the photos of me and my boy!)

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